Pacific Coast Highway Trip

September 9th, 2009 by Judy


September 10, 2009

Tonight is BBQ night to celebrate the start of our Pacific Coast Highway Trip. Joining us from New York is Roy Brotherhood whose wife Kathy will  meet up with us in Vancouver on Tuesday. Doug Jones from Chicago, Mary will also join us in Vancouver, Paul Jordan from Canada, Jerry Echols from Texas and his brother in law Tom Vos from Wisconsin. We’ll leave tomorrow morning at 8:00 for Montana, the guys say it’ll be a 10 hour drive for the day.


Here’s Roy helping with a last minute computer problem.


Pacific Coast Trip Day 1 Fri. 9/11

September 12th, 2009 by Judy


We’ve finished Day 1, Brooklyn Park to Miles City, Montana; a total of 694 miles. Cars ran great, the weather was very nice in the morning, hit light rain around Alex for about an hour then heavier rain in Bismark. True to the mid year convertible vettes, we had leaks.  But we were prepared, out with the towels, rags and duct tape. Stopped to stretch every couple of hours, worked out the kinks from sitting so long. Tomorrow, on to Glacier.

Jim and I entering Montana.

Day 1 PC trip 024

Rain, rain go away. Bismark area.

Day 1 PC trip 018

Dinner time.

Day 1 PC trip 027

Pacific Coast Trip Day 2 Sat 9/12

September 13th, 2009 by Judy


BIG SKY country. There’s a reason for that slogan, driving across open rangeland with gently rolling hills and Big Sky all around. Today it was all blue. We put on over 400 miles today, stopping for the night in Cut Bank, Montana. We’re about 40 miles from Glacier.

Getting ready to head out.

Day 2 PC Trip 068

 Started to leave Miles City at 8:30, but we were delayed, not by a breakdown or anything like that but by a car show in the local park. We had Roy sweet talk the event organizers into letting us into the show for an hour or so. They even gave us a pair of dice to hang on the mirror and a “have fun and thanks for coming”.

From the left, Roy, Tom, Jerry, Jim, Doug and Paul.

Day 2 PC Trip 029


Day 2 PC Trip 032

 Day 2 PC Trip 038

Day 2 PC Trip 045Day 2 PC Trip 040

Day 2 PC Trip 050

Back on the road.

Day 2 PC Trip 063

Road construction for about 4 miles, slow going.

Day 2 PC Trip 095

This guy saw his share of roadtrips.

Day 2 PC Trip 097

We saw lots of wildlife, cows, horses, sheep, road kill,  mule deer and this guy posed for me.

Day 2 PC Trip 056

Pacific Coast Trip Day 3 Sun 9/13

September 14th, 2009 by Judy


Sunday was beautiful, temps started out in the 50’s with blue skys and not even the slightest breeze. We left Cut Bank at 8:30 for East Glacier. Glacier Lodge was awesome, built in 1913 by the Burlington Northern, is very massive. We pulled the cars up in front of the Hotel for pictures, people came out to look and chat it was quite an experience. The lobby is massive, with huge standing logs 3 floors high, sky lights in the ceiling let in natural lights, it’s beautiful. Outside on the veranda is a beautiful picturesque mountain scene. The grounds are immaculate, with flower gardens, planters and window boxes, very well landscaped.  Driving through the park is breath taking, at Logan Pass they are working on the road, I’m glad we went through today as M-F delays are 4 hours. We are staying in Whitefish tonight. Jim and I met my cousin Pam and her husband Tom for dinner and then went back to their house in Kalispell to visit before heading back to our room. We put on roughly 140 miles today.

Entering Glacier Park



We drove right up to the front door.



The Lodge was built

in 1913.













PC Trip Day 3 (38)

View from the veranda.






PC Trip Day 3 (63)



Breathtaking scenery





PC Trip Day 3 (81)


Doug, Jim, me, Roy, Jerry, Paul and Tom





PC Trip Day 3 (151)



A visit with my

cousin Pam from


Pacific Coast Trip Day 4 Monday 9/14

September 15th, 2009 by Judy


Another beautiful day, bright sunshine, temps in the 50’s. Got a call from another couple that wants to meet up with us today, Gerry and Lisa Schafer. We lost cell service shortly after leaving Whitefish but by chance there they were waiting on the Canadian side of the border. We continued on up 93 through the most beautiful part of  the Canadian rockies. Made a few stops along the way including Lake Louise, one of my favorite places. We saw more glaciers than we did in Glacier Natl Park. My pics of Lake Louise do not do it justice, you need morning light and we had the afternoon sun coming down in front of us. Wish I would have had the camera ready when Tom fell into the water. He was climbing on the rocks and slipped in up over his knee. We put on ? miles today and are staying in Revelstoke about halfway to Vancouver.

Day 4 PC Trip 002


Here we are at the border


Day 4 PC Trip 004


The new guys, Gerry and Lisa from Illinois.




 Day 4 PC Trip 005



This is our ’65.



 Day 4 PC Trip 007



On the road again.



  Gerry and Lisa

Day 4 PC Trip 010




Day 4 PC Trip 026



Yikes! are we going to fit?




Day 4 PC Trip 039







Day 4 PC Trip 048



 The Fairmont

Chateau at Lake Louise



Notice the shorts on the left leg, his shoes are a little soggy.

Day 4 PC Trip 065

Day 4 PC Trip 061







Day 4 PC Trip 063


I was trying not to fall in.





We found more tourists to take our pictures.

Day 4 PC Trip 093

Day 4 PC Trip 103



Party time.




Day 4 PC Trip 100


What could be better than pizza, beer and friends.







Pacific Coast Trip Day 5 Tues. 9/15

September 18th, 2009 by Judy


We sarted the day in Revelstoke, BC, it’s a beautiful day again, I know I sound like a broken record but our weather has been perfect. Today was a big driving day, 400+ miles to Vancouver. If you ever get a chance to drive the Canadian Highway1 do it. Through the mountains, gorgeous scenery and a very pleasant drive. Arrived in Vancouver around 6:00 at the Holiday Inn Express. Had dinner at a local sports bar. We found out  there is a Senior Olympics this week, the guys were wondering if they could sign up for beer drinking or maybe sleeping. We’ll be here for 2 nights, which is a good thing. Every night dragging stuff in is getting tiring.Day 5 PC Trip 002


On the road through the Canadian Rockies.




Day 5 PC Trip 004


Here’s Paul, he always has a smile on his face.




Day 5 PC Trip 010


And Doug, our comedien.



Day 5 PC Trip 011


Jerry and Tom




Day 5 PC Trip 115



Jerry, Lisa and Paul



Day 5 PC Trip 114









Pacific Coast Trip Day 6 Wed 9/16

September 18th, 2009 by Judy


OK, I jinxed our weather. We headed into Vancouver, a trip to Gastown was recommended to us. We fought our way through traffic, missed a couple of turns and found a place to park. Then it started to rain, not heavy just annoying. The streets were full of little gift shops, reminding me of China. Went down by the wharf were they are getting ready for the 2010 Olympics. Had lunch at Steamworks Pub and Brewery, really good food and they make their own beer. Then we headed over to Stanley Park, one of the main tourist attractions andVancouvers first park covering 1000 acres, an oasis right next to the downtown area. Lots of majestic trees and a beautiful place. Headed back to the hotel during rush hour and arrived just as Bob and Joan arrived from California, Jeff and Penny from Arkansas, Roy’s wife Kathy and Doug’s wife Mary flew in from their home states so the gang is all here. Had a short pre trip meeting where Bob handed us a revised itinerary, then we all went to the local Country Club for a really nice meal.

Day 5 PC Trip



They run electric buses.



Day 5 PC Trip (2)


The city




Day 5 PC Trip (3)


Gathered round the Steam Clock,

Tom, Gerry, Lisa, me,Paul and Jim, Jerry is taking the picture.




Day 5 PC Trip (15)



Lisa and Paul



Day 5 PC Trip (18)



Entrance to Gastown.



  • Day 5 PC Trip (22)


Vancouver has lots of paintee Eagles around the city.


Day 5 PC Trip (29)


An overcast harbor.




Day 5 PC Trip (35)



Lunch at Steamworks Pub.


Day 5 PC Trip (36)




Jerry in fron of Steamworks.

Day 5 PC Trip (39)



Totem Poles in Stanley Park.


Day 5 PC Trip (40)


View from Stanley Park.




Day 5 PC Trip (45)



Stanley Park



Day 5 PC Trip (50)



Pre Trip meeting



Day 5 PC Trip (53)


Dinner at the country club.





Pacific Coast Trip Day 7 Thurs 9/17

September 20th, 2009 by Judy


Here we are, today is the official start of our Pacific Coast Highway Trip. We left our hotel in Vancouver at 7:30  to catch  the 10:15  ferry to Vancouver Island. It’s foggy and overcast this morning, not to bad considering what yesterday was like. Traffic was very light as we headed to the ferry terminal in Tsawwassen (don’t ask me how to say it) so we arrived in plenty of time. As we waited to be loaded we met all kinds of people, we had a couple of hours to chat. Once on the ferry we reached Nanaimo at 12:15, we quickly left the ferry terminal and headed down the Canadian Pacific Highway 1. We made a stop in Chemainus for lunch, the town is known for murals on their buildings showing historic scenes of the city. Next stop was Duncan,  known for their totem poles placed strategically around the city, there are yellow feet taking you by every retail establishment in town. Then down to Victoria, it was a pretty drive alot like Minnesota or ‘Wisconsin. We arrived in Victoria with only a little over an hour to look around before we headed back to the ferry terminal. Not enough time to see all the sights. Aound the harbor are the Empress Hotel, the parliment building, fishermans wharf and all around the local street vendors selling their wares. We finally arrived in Port ‘Angeles around 10:00 after a very busy day. We figured we put on about 115 miles.

Day 7 PC Trip (1)



On the way to Tsawwassen.




Day 7 PC Trip (2)



The ferry terminal.




Day 7 PC Trip (4)



Starting to line up.




Day 7 PC Trip (5)



See the pirate, he was kidnapped from work and forced to look rather silly. I guess it’s a pre marriage guy thing.


Day 7 PC Trip (6)




Model T’s waiting for the ferry, there were semi;s busses, campers, cars, trucks. It was full up.


Day 7 PC Trip (8)



Here we go, load em up.




Day 7 PC Trip (10)



We’re on board and ready to sail. Jeff, Penny and Jerry.



Day 7 PC Trip (14)



One of the murals in Chemainus.




Day 7 PC Trip (23)




They had 15 different scenes depicting the history of the city.


Day 7 PC Trip (20)



One more. Logging was their main trade.




Day 7 PC Trip (26)



This was in their city park.




Day 7 PC Trip (27)



This is a find Jim picture.




Day 7 PC Trip (28)



Look closely and you can see the logs in the river, don’t see that on the mighty Mississippi any more.


Day 7 PC Trip (33)



Next stop was Duncan.




Day 7 PC Trip (34)




Come to find out these are not by local artists.



Day 7 PC Trip (37)


On the way to Victoria.





Day 7 PC Trip (39)



Everyone wanted in the picture. Tom, Jerry, Kathy, Gerry, Joan, Lisa, Bob, Mary, Doug, Penny. Doug’s car.


Day 7 PC Trip (41)



Back on the road.




Day 7 PC Trip (42)



View of Victoria.




Day 7 PC Trip (45)



Here we are in beautiful Victoria.




Day 7 PC Trip (53)


The magnificent Empress Hotel, built between 1904 and 1908. In 1930 Shirley Temple and her parents fled Hollywood amidst kidnapping threats to stay here.


Day 7 PC Trip (54)


I’ve seen these before, they must be all over Canada.




Day 7 PC Trip (58)


Another view of the Empress Hotel. You can stay here for only $400 a night.




Day 7 PC Trip (59)



Another harbor view. That’s it, time was way to short.





PC Trip Day 8 Port Angeles – Forks WA Fri 9/18

September 21st, 2009 by Judy


We’re in Port Angeles, stayed at the Olympic Lodge. The weather as we started out was 60 and partly cloudy. Our miles to date are 2319. Today we went into Olympic National Park, hiked the ridge at Hurricane Ridge, went to Lake Crescent, hiked to Marymere Falls, Neah Bay then hiked all the way to the end on the Makah Indian reservation then to top it off we saw a grey whale.

Day 8 PC Trip (2)



Entering Olympic National Park




Day 8 PC Trip (6)


Drive up to Hurricane Ridge.





Day 8 PC Trip (7)


View from Hurricane Ridge. I know why they call it Hurricane, very high winds.




Day 8 PC Trip (8)


Another view from the ridge.





Day 8 PC Trip (9)


Here’s a good view from the top.





Day 8 PC Trip (11)


Hurricane Ridge Ski area is one of 3 in a National Park. It boasts 2 rope tows and a poma lift. The sign that you can’t read says “Ice Station Zebra”.



Day 8 PC Trip (12)


View from the other side, you can see Vancouver Island in the background and the Strait of Juan de Fuca.



Day 8 PC Trip (28)


Stopped for a photo op on the way down.





Day 8 PC Trip (32)


Lake Crescent, it is the 2nd deepest lake in Washington at 624′.




Day 8 PC Trip (38)


The start of our one mile  hike to Marymere Falls.





Day 8 PC Trip (40)


That’s a big guy, I mean the tree.







Day 8 PC Trip (43)


On the trail, we actually needed a rest stop. From the back Jeff, Jim, Tom, Bob, Paul, Gerry and Jerry – in front Penny, Judy, Joan, Lisa and Kathy.


Day 8 PC Trip (44)


Another rest stop.





Day 8 PC Trip (52)


Marymere Falls has a height of 90′







Day 8 PC Trip (54)


Jim had a little climb to get too the bottom of the falls.







Day 8 PC Trip (57)


Back down the trail to a new adventure.





Day 8 PC Trip (62)


Neah Bay and the Makah Reservation. The Makah Indians have inhabited this area for 3800 years.




Day 8 PC Trip (63)


The Makah fishing boats.





Day 8 PC Trip (85)


The start of a 3/4 mile hike.





Day 8 PC Trip (64)


On the path to the farthest NW tip of the US.





Day 8 PC Trip (67)


What happened to the nice boardwalk? I think they just wanted you to think it was going to be easy.



Day 8 PC Trip (68)


One of those rest stops.





Day 8 PC Trip (69)


We made it, well worth the trip.





Day 8 PC Trip (71)


We should get a T shirt for this. Jerry, gerry, Tom, Lisa, Paul, Judy, Jim, Joan, Bob and Penny. Has any one seen Jeff?



Day 8 PC Trip (73)


Another view.





Day 8 PC Trip (78)


Here we are, we were able to dump the gang for a romantic moment together.




Day 8 PC Trip (79)


This is really true, as we were looking out at the sea we spotted a whale, it’s the teeny spot in the middle of the picture, it actually came up 3 times before I was able to snap a pic.


We had a great day, the rain held off till about 9:00, we put on about 135 miles today.


PC Trip Forks to Ocean Shores Wa Sat 9/19

September 22nd, 2009 by Judy


We spent last night in Forks Washington. For you fans of the Twilight books, this is the city Stephenie Meyers based her book on. The hotel, Pacific Inn boasts Twilight rooms and there are references all over town. There’s even a tour bus to go to all of the different locations.

Today we went to the Hoh rainforest. It gets 142″ of rain a year, you can see the mountains shrouded in rain clouds of which we drove into, there really are rain drops in those clouds. But, just as we got parked the rain stopped and we were able to take a nice long dry hike . This is one of the most beautiful places I’ve ever seen. The trees, plants, moss, lichens and even the different slugs are all various shades of green. I took a million pictures but the pictures don’t capture what the eye sees, if you know what I mean.

PC Trip day 9 004


Entering the Hoh rainforest area of Olympic National Park.




PC Trip day 9 011


Picture this in 3D





PC Trip day 9 016







PC Trip day 9 022


Moss grows on everything here.





PC Trip day 9 031


Along the path, Lisa and Gerry.





PC Trip day 9 032


Practicing for the next Olympics, Gerry and Jim. These trees are like magnets for little boys. Hope the life insurance is paid.



PC Trip day 9 047


The ferns are beautiful, many different species.





PC Trip day 9 051


The gangs all here. A perfect canopy.





PC Trip day 9 064


Moss hangs from every tree, dead or alive.





PC Trip day 9 065


This slug was trying to cross the path. Paul likes to move them off the path so people won’t step on them.



PC Trip day 9 073


This big guy is 190′ long.





PC Trip day 9 087


Nest stop was Ruby





PC Trip day 9 096



Jerry, Paul, Mary and Doug negotiating their way around the logs.



PC Trip day 9 101


I’m really going to have to check on that life insurance. He climbed all the way from the beach on fallen trees.



Jim's Camera PC Trip day 9 025


Ruby Beach, it was quite a challenge getting around.




Jim's Camera PC Trip day 9 027







Jim's Camera PC Trip day 9 031









Jim's Camera PC Trip day 9 032


Thanks to Jim for this great shot.







Jim's Camera PC Trip day 9 036







PC Trip day 9 106


Showing off his great shot.





Jim's Camera PC Trip day 9 041


Kalaloch Lodge, built in 1953 in Olympic Nation Park. This was a lunch stop for us and a group of Model A’s.



Jim's Camera PC Trip day 9 044


View from the lodge.






That’s it for this day. If you haven’t noticed I’m a couple days behind in my posts. I’ll try to catch up before the end of the trip. I feel like a reporter trying to meet a deadline. Thanks for watching.