PC Trip Forks to Ocean Shores Wa Sat 9/19


We spent last night in Forks Washington. For you fans of the Twilight books, this is the city Stephenie Meyers based her book on. The hotel, Pacific Inn boasts Twilight rooms and there are references all over town. There’s even a tour bus to go to all of the different locations.

Today we went to the Hoh rainforest. It gets 142″ of rain a year, you can see the mountains shrouded in rain clouds of which we drove into, there really are rain drops in those clouds. But, just as we got parked the rain stopped and we were able to take a nice long dry hike . This is one of the most beautiful places I’ve ever seen. The trees, plants, moss, lichens and even the different slugs are all various shades of green. I took a million pictures but the pictures don’t capture what the eye sees, if you know what I mean.

PC Trip day 9 004


Entering the Hoh rainforest area of Olympic National Park.




PC Trip day 9 011


Picture this in 3D





PC Trip day 9 016







PC Trip day 9 022


Moss grows on everything here.





PC Trip day 9 031


Along the path, Lisa and Gerry.





PC Trip day 9 032


Practicing for the next Olympics, Gerry and Jim. These trees are like magnets for little boys. Hope the life insurance is paid.



PC Trip day 9 047


The ferns are beautiful, many different species.





PC Trip day 9 051


The gangs all here. A perfect canopy.





PC Trip day 9 064


Moss hangs from every tree, dead or alive.





PC Trip day 9 065


This slug was trying to cross the path. Paul likes to move them off the path so people won’t step on them.



PC Trip day 9 073


This big guy is 190′ long.





PC Trip day 9 087


Nest stop was Ruby





PC Trip day 9 096



Jerry, Paul, Mary and Doug negotiating their way around the logs.



PC Trip day 9 101


I’m really going to have to check on that life insurance. He climbed all the way from the beach on fallen trees.



Jim's Camera PC Trip day 9 025


Ruby Beach, it was quite a challenge getting around.




Jim's Camera PC Trip day 9 027







Jim's Camera PC Trip day 9 031









Jim's Camera PC Trip day 9 032


Thanks to Jim for this great shot.







Jim's Camera PC Trip day 9 036







PC Trip day 9 106


Showing off his great shot.





Jim's Camera PC Trip day 9 041


Kalaloch Lodge, built in 1953 in Olympic Nation Park. This was a lunch stop for us and a group of Model A’s.



Jim's Camera PC Trip day 9 044


View from the lodge.






That’s it for this day. If you haven’t noticed I’m a couple days behind in my posts. I’ll try to catch up before the end of the trip. I feel like a reporter trying to meet a deadline. Thanks for watching.








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