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PC Trip Day 22 Costa Mesa – the end of the road. Fri 10/2

October 6th, 2009 by Judy


Hi family and friends,

Today is the official end to our Pacific Coast Highway trip. We started our day in Costa Mesa and as we were getting ready to leave we discovered the Weiner mobile right out the back door. We stopped by to take a look and chat with the two recent college grads that got a job with Oscar Mayer for one year. They get to drive around the country, going wherever anyone wants them. What a perfect job, see the country and get paid for it. We then headed over to a collection of cars that many people don’t get to see. Sorry, I can’t share my photos of this collection. Then down the coast to Oceanside where we stopped for lunch at the historic 101 Cafe. Also, of historic interest to me personally, my grandfather was drafted at the age of 42 into WWII, he packed up his wife and three kids, my mom, her older sister and younger brother and they headed to Oceanside where the almost new Camp Pendelton was located. Mom told me to stand on the pier and look to the left, she said “there’s a young teenage girl frolicking on the beach, that’s me”. Then she said “turn and face the shore and look to the left, there’s the Penny Arcade and I’m in there playing with Joan, Sonny and the soldiers”. Well, Oceanside has changed alot since then but my Mom’s memories are there as is the 101 Cafe. Next, we left Oceanside and headed south along 101, we stopped at Mission Beach then through San Diego and across to Coronado Island then down Silver Thread Blvd. At that point the sun was beginning to set and we were as close to Mexico as we wanted to get, we stopped to take one last picture before heading back to San Diego and our hotel . We started the official journey on Sept 17th and 16 days and 2100 miles later we finished another road trip.

PC Trip Day 22 010

What a job.

PC Trip Day 22 016

College grads Adam and Crystal drive the weiner mobile around the country. Kathy and I are getting a tour. If you sing the song they’ll give you a whistle, which we all got.

PC Trip Day 22 092

Can’t show you the cars but here are parts of them.

PC Trip Day 22 024

How many can you identify?

PC Trip Day 22 025

This must be obvious.

PC Trip Day 22 030

Great looking fins.

PC Trip Day 22 044

PC Trip Day 22 050

The Gold Certificate is a very prestigious award.

PC Trip Day 22 087

Loved the stickers, reminds me of us.

PC Trip Day 22 091

PC Trip Day 22 105

PC Trip Day 22 106

PC Trip Day 22 134

This was a very fun collection to see. Some have been in museums, magazines and up for auction. Thanks to the owner, we thoroughly enjoyed it.

PC Trip Day 22 168

The historic 101 Cafe, started in 1928.

PC Trip Day 22 176

Roy, Paul, Kathy and Doug enjoying lunch.

PC Trip Day 22 163

A picture of Oceanside in the 40’s.

PC Trip Day 22 185

Oceansides 6th pier.

PC Trip Day 22 187

I could see my Mom out there.

PC Trip Day 22 194

On the road again. The yellow car is Bob and Joanies, then Paul, Roy and Kathy have the red coupe.

PC Trip Day 22 207

Mission Bay, this area was once pretty much a garbage dump until the city of San Diego cleaned it up. It’s really beautiful now.

PC Trip Day 22 231

Here’s the end of the road for us. Seven cars, very few maintenance issues, 2100 miles.

PC Trip Day 22 236

Here’s most of the group from the left in back, Jerry, Paul, Penny, Jeff, Roy, Bob, Doug, Tom. Front, Joan, Kathy, Judy and Jim. A special hi to Mary, who had to fly home on the 28th, and our newest friends Gerry and Lisa who had to break off on the 29th.

PC Trip Day 22 237

Here we are another road trip under our belts.

PC Trip Day 22 258

A perfect end to a perfect trip.

Thanks for following along, Jim an I have put on almost 4500 miles over the past 3 weeks, I’ll be heading home on Sunday and Jim’s taking another week, he wants to relive part of Route 66 again. Over the next few weeks I’ll be adding pictures into my Flickr account at

PC Trip Day 21 Solvang – Costa Mesa Thurs 10/1

October 5th, 2009 by Judy


Hi friends and family,

Today is Thursday and we started a once again beautiful day by going to the Reagan Presidential Library and final resting place of Ronald Reagan, located in Simi Valley. It is the largerst of the 12 federally funded Presidential Libraries. dedicated in 1991 and attended for the first time in US history by 5 US Presidents and 6 First Ladies. Can you name them?

In the afternoon we took a trip down memory lane by driving onto the Santa Monica Pier. For those that followed our Route 66 trip this brought back a hoard of great memories. It was here that our Route 66 trip ended.  A special “hi” to our fellow 66’ers that couldn’t make this trip , Dennis and Cindy, Jan and Joe and John and Mary Carol.

Jims PC Trip Day 21 (1)


 Reagan Presidential Library





PC Trip Day 21 001


Next several pictures.





PC Trip Day 21 008


The “Gipper”








PC Trip Day 21 009







PC Trip Day 21 010



We’re all intently listening to our tour guide.




PC Trip Day 21 020







PC Trip Day 21 029

During its 28 years of service, Air Force One 27000 carried more presidents to more countries on more missions than any other aircraft in history.

The last Boeing 707 to see presidential service, 27000 was the scene of the transfer of power from President Richard Nixon to President Gerald Ford. In 1987, the craft took President Reagan to West Berlin, where he called for an end to the Cold War, famously demanding Soviet President Mikhail Gorbachev “tear down this wall.”


PC Trip Day 21 037


Our tour guide was very informative, we were able to see alot in a relatively short time.





PC Trip Day 21 048


An exact duplication of the oval office from President Reagan’s years in office.





PC Trip Day 21 053







PC Trip Day 21 054







PC Trip Day 21 057


President Reagans’ final resting place. He wanted to be placed with his head towards the wall to that he would be facing the beautiful Simi Valley.




PC Trip Day 21 058


Here’s what he’s facing, the Simi valley.





PC Trip Day 21 065


Uh oh! They heard we were in town.





PC Trip Day 21 070


Here’s Paul, contemplating something. Doug could probably pen a catchy tag for this photo.





PC Trip Day 21 073


On the way to Santa Monica, they don’t waste any space in this part of the country.





PC Trip Day 21 077 (Medium)


Arriving at the pier, we were last here on April 22, 2008





PC Trip Day 21 078



Driving onto the pier.




PC Trip Day 21 080


Great day to be on the beach.





PC Trip Day 21 085



Back on the pier for the 2nd time.




PC Trip Day 21 087 (Medium)



Jeff, Jerry, Roy, Kathy and Jim. We had the end of the Route 66 trip dinner at Bubba Gumps.




PC Trip Day 21 094


We’re having a great time.





PC Trip Day 21 091


Jeff and Penny enjoying themselves.





PC Trip Day 21 095







PC Trip Day 21 096


Bob trying to get the group rounded up, we have more places to go and things to see.





PC Trip Day 21 098 (Medium)



Here we go, Bob’s in the lead then Paul, Gerry, Roy, Jeff and we’re bringing up the rear.




Jims PC Trip Day 21 (86)


Dinner time, Doug is intently listening to his buddy Paul.





Tomorrow is our last official day, can we make it down to the border tomorrow?


PC Trip Day 20 Solvang – Simi Valley Wed 9/30

October 4th, 2009 by Judy


We decided to spend a little time in Solvang this morning, It’s a historic Danish town founded in 1911 by Danish educators. Now it’s full of cute little shops, restaurants and bakeries with wonderful Danish pastries. We left about 11:30 and headed to Santa Barbara where we visited their mission. The Santa Barbara Mission was established on the Feast of Saint Barbara, December 4, 1786 and was the tenth of twenty-one California Missions to be founded by the Spanish Franciscans. More than 200 years later, the Mission continues to be the chief cultural and historic landmark in the city of Santa Barbara.

We stopped at the beach in Santa Barbara for the views, drove past Sambo’s restaurant,  the original Sambo’s is the only one remaining in America. Built in 1957 and named after the book “Little Black Sambo “.  Another famous name associated with Santa Barbara is Fess Parker famous for his roles in the Walt Disney TV shows Davy Crockett and Daniel Boone, my favorites from the 60’s. He developed his first resort hotel in 1986 and has expanded to include a winery and vineyard in the Santa Ynez Valley. Then onto the motel in Simi Valley, we decided to have a little pool party with plenty of pizza, beer and a few Margarita’s.

Jims PC Trip Day 20 066


The next several pictures are of the Town of Solvang, founded in 1911.





Jims PC Trip Day 20 068







Jims PC Trip Day 20 067







Jims PC Trip Day 20 074







Jims PC Trip Day 20 073







Jims PC Trip Day 20 075







Jims PC Trip Day 20 076


Penny and Joan enjoying a little shopping.





Jims PC Trip Day 20 077







Jims PC Trip Day 20 079


The guys were left patiently waiting at the hotel.





Jims PC Trip Day 20 080


Our motel at the Wine Valley Inn.






PC Trip Day 20 003


The Santa Barbara Mission the 10th of 21 built in 1786.





PC Trip Day 20 006


The next several pictures are of the mission.





PC Trip Day 20 012







PC Trip Day 20 015







PC Trip Day 20 027







PC Trip Day 20 034







PC Trip Day 20 040







PC Trip Day 20 046


A group of grade schoolers on a field trip.





PC Trip Day 20 047


Santa Babara





PC Trip Day 20 048







PC Trip Day 20 049


The only original Sambo’s restaurant.





PC Trip Day 20 053







PC Trip Day 20 054


Beach stop in Santa Barbara.





PC Trip Day 20 056


You can see the oil wells off the coast. We counted 7 of them.





PC Trip Day 20 061



Bob and Joanie.




PC Trip Day 20 062


Kathy and Roy.





PC Trip Day 20 069


 Let the party begin.

I know it doesn’t look very exciting now, but we got real wild later on.



That’s all for Wednesday, we put on 124 miles today.


PC Trip Day 19 San Simeon-Solvang Tues 9/29

October 3rd, 2009 by Judy


Hi from sunny California

Today we went to the Hearst Castle, the pictures will tell the story. There are 4 different tours available of which we took one. I’ve never seen anything like this so I’ll give you a quick overview. Built between 1919-1947 for William Randolph Hearst the newpaper mogul. He passed away in 1951 and the Hearst Foundation donated the property to the State of California. It is now a National Historic Landmark. There are 56 bedrooms, 61 baths and 127 acres of gardens an indoor and outdoor swimming pool, tennis courts, movie theater, air field and for 10 years its own zoo. This is a place we would go back to for one of the other tours.

After the tour we went to Cambia for a late lunch and then on to Solvang, a cute Danish town.

PC Trip Day 19



This is the view from our motel last night in San Simeon, right on the beach. They have bonfires everynight.


PC Trip Day 19 (1)


This is Russ and Connie, they joined us yesterday and are going back home today. Really nice people, wish they could have stayed longer.


PC Trip Day 19 (2)


Hearst Castle




PC Trip Day 19 (5)


We sat through a short preview movie before the tour. Bob, Joanie, Judy, Jim, Lisa, Gerry, Kathy, Roy, Penny, Jeff, Jerry, Tom, Doug and Paul is taking the picture.


PC Trip Day 19 (9)


Hearst had told his architect he wanted a small bungalow to replace the tent he and his family had been staying in.



PC Trip Day 19 (13)



I think this was supposed to replicate the Parthenon, he loved the architecture he saw in his travels to Europe.


PC Trip Day 19 (18)


The outdoor pool, is still used by the park staff and special events about 4 times per year.




PC Trip Day 19 (23)



The gardens were beautiful.




PC Trip Day 19 (30)



One of the bathrooms in the guest house. Our tour did not include the upper floors of the main house.



PC Trip Day 19 (34)


One of the guest bedrooms.





PC Trip Day 19 (40)



Back outside for another great view. Jeff, Doug and Paul – I think they’re trying to get Doug’s camera to work.





PC Trip Day 19 (42)


These statues are 4000 years old, he acquired them during the war from art dealers in war torn Europe for very little cost. There’s a whole story behind how he was able to get so much valuable artwork.





PC Trip Day 19 (46)



Enjoying the views. Roy, Kathy, Bob, Joan, Jeff and Penny.



PC Trip Day 19 (51)


Another view of the castle.





PC Trip Day 19 (62)


The main dining room.





PC Trip Day 19 (78)


The indoor pool.





PC Trip Day 19 (83)


The town of Cambria.





PC Trip Day 19 (87)







PC Trip Day 19 (88)


Lunch, I think we’re eating our way down the coast.




PC Trip Day 19 (92)



On our way to Solvang.




We had a great day, didn’t see everything on our itinerary. We put on 120 miles today.


PC Trip Day 18 Monterey-San Simeon Mon 9/28

October 2nd, 2009 by Judy



We awoke in Monterey to a foggy mist and cool temps on Monday morning. We took a quick drive through Monterey and then headed south on Hwy 1 to take the 17 mile drive through Pebble Beach and then on to Carmel where we stopped for lunch and a walking tour. After lunch we headed south through some of the most spectacular scenery on the west coast in Big Sur and then on to San Simeon. Unfortunately it remained cloudy all day.

PC Trip Day 18 (2)


The streets of Monterey.





PC Trip Day 18 (4)



More of Monterey.




PC Trip Day 18 (12)



One of many black tailed deer wandering around.




PC Trip Day 18 (18)


Nice view of the coastline.





PC Trip Day 18 (24)


This big guy was hiding in the weeds.





PC Trip Day 18 (35)


This is one of California’s most enduring landmarks. The Lone Cypress has perched on this rocky ledge for over 250 years.



PC Trip Day 18 (37)


Pebble Beach.





PC Trip Day 18 (40)



The view from the Lodge at Pebble Beach.




PC Trip Day 18 (48)


Paul, Jeff, Joan and Bob in the Lodge at Pebble Beach.




PC Trip Day 18 (54)


The grounds at Pebble beach. 


PC Trip Day 18 (58)


Discussing golf tips.





jims PC Trip Day 18 041


 The lodge at Pebble Beach was built in 1919 and the golf course is home to many golf tournaments. I walked on the same turf as Tiger Woods.


jims PC Trip Day 18 042


Jeff and Penny from Arkansas, enjoying themselves.




PC Trip Day 18 (61)



We drove to Carmel, pretty town right next door.



PC Trip Day 18 (69)


More of Carmel.







PC Trip Day 18 (64)



More Carmel.




PC Trip Day 18 (70)


The whole town was gorgeous. Lots of flowers.




PC Trip Day 18 (72)


Penny on the beach, a little cold for swimming.





PC Trip Day 18 (80)


Rocky Creek Bridge built in 1932. There is another twin bridge Bixby Creek Bridge also built in 1932 just down the road.



PC Trip Day 18 (87)


The car is still in geat shape.





PC Trip Day 18 (89)




We watched to fog roll in from the ocean.



PC Trip Day 18 (100)



At the Bixby Bridge, Kathy, Roy, Lisa and Gerry.



PC Trip Day 18 (125)


Here’s mom and dad kids, we’re having a ball.





PC Trip Day 18 (151)


Back on the road to the next adventure. The green 67 joined us for a few days, Lou was traveling alone.



We put on 133 miles today.


PC Trip Day 17 Mill Valley to Monterey Sun 9/27

October 1st, 2009 by Judy


Hi again,

This is my second post for the night, please see below for Day 16.

Today is San Francisco Day, it’s cool but sunny today and relatively clear for San Francisco. We’re heading across the Golden Gate Bridge and thought it would be a good idea for some of us passengers to get out and walk across the bridge taking pictures of the cars as they crossed. Well it didn’t turn out like we had hoped, way to much traffic for a Sunday morning, but we did get a few good shots. It was a great walk though, there were ealy morning joggers running across, down in the bay there was a group of swimmers crossing under the bridge being followed by a contingent of kayakers. The next stop was Lombard street, it’s always fun driving down that winding road. Onto Pier 39 for a qick lunch of breadbowl chowder at Boudins famous for their original sourdough bread. then it was off to Alcatraz for a tour. We left San Fran down Hwy 1 through Pacifica and then down the coast to Monterey. What a beautiful drive.

PC Trip Day 17 038


Here we are planning our bridge crossing stratedgy. Us walkers departed from this spot.




PC Trip Day 17 041


Lisa and Tom, Kathy and Joan are in the background.




PC Trip Day 17 045


Way above the bridge on the overlook, the guys await our signal to head down and across the bridge.



PC Trip Day 17 050


I had time to stop and look over the rail, got his shot of one of the swimmers and a companion kayaker.



PC Trip Day 18 338


Here comes Bob’s car with Doug close behind.





PC Trip Day 17 058


Jim and Jerry were not far behind but not as close together as I would have liked.




PC Trip Day 17 052


Paul and Gerry.





PC Trip Day 17 054







PC Trip Day 17 059


Jerry and Jeff bringing up the rear.





PC Trip Day 17 069


I couldn’t help myself, this shot was taken as I walked off the bridge to the viewing area on the south end.



PC Trip Day 17 072

Here’s the guys waiting for us. They entertained a group of French students while waiting. Their tour leader said ” these kids have been to the Grand Canyon and  Yellowstone but they were more excited to see these Corvettes than any of the natural wonders they’ve seen along the way.”

PC Trip Day 17 093


On to Lombard street, Paul sure looks happy.





PC Trip Day 17 095


Gerry and Lisa are next.





PC Trip Day 17 097


Doug and Mary





PC Trip Day 17 099


Jeff and Penny





PC Trip Day 17 100


Roy and Kathy





PC Trip Day 17 101



Jerry and Tom




PC Trip Day 17 108


Bob and Joan





PC Trip Day 17 111



And finally Jim.




PC Trip Day 17 115


A busy Pier 39.





PC Trip Day 17 117


Clam Chowder Bread Bowl for Boudins on Pier 39. My personal favorite whenever I’m in San Francisco.



PC Trip Day 17 131


On the ferry to Alcatraz.





PC Trip Day 17 141



Alcatraz Federal Pen.




PC Trip Day 17 161


I heard they were making this into a B & B.





PC Trip Day 17 180


It was such a great day the harbor was like 494 at rush hour. Doesn’t this look like fun?




PC Trip Day 17 195


Heading out of the city.





PC Trip Day 17 201


As I was snapping this shot of the house, that guy was yelling that he’s the one that should be taking the picture.



PC Trip Day 17 204


Here’s my last shot, surfers in Pacifica.





jims PC Trip Day 18 021


Dinner in Monterey.

Kathy, Roy, Doug Mary and Paul.




jims PC Trip Day 18 022


Jerry, Penny, Tom, Lou and Jeff.





jims PC Trip Day 18 023


Bob, Joanie, Lisa, Gerry and Judy.





jims PC Trip Day 18 024



Lisa has her bib on, a serious crab leg eater.




jims PC Trip Day 18 027


The Fish Hopper in Monterey. Here’s the gang once again well fed. Doug, Bob, Gerry, Jerry, Lou, Joan, Paul, Mary, Penny, Judy, Jeff, Kathy, Roy, Tom and Jim in front.


We had a great time today, put on 110 miles and we landed in Monterey. tomorrow is the 17 mile drive through Pebble Beach.