PC Trip Day 20 Solvang – Simi Valley Wed 9/30


We decided to spend a little time in Solvang this morning, It’s a historic Danish town founded in 1911 by Danish educators. Now it’s full of cute little shops, restaurants and bakeries with wonderful Danish pastries. We left about 11:30 and headed to Santa Barbara where we visited their mission. The Santa Barbara Mission was established on the Feast of Saint Barbara, December 4, 1786 and was the tenth of twenty-one California Missions to be founded by the Spanish Franciscans. More than 200 years later, the Mission continues to be the chief cultural and historic landmark in the city of Santa Barbara.

We stopped at the beach in Santa Barbara for the views, drove past Sambo’s restaurant,  the original Sambo’s is the only one remaining in America. Built in 1957 and named after the book “Little Black Sambo “.  Another famous name associated with Santa Barbara is Fess Parker famous for his roles in the Walt Disney TV shows Davy Crockett and Daniel Boone, my favorites from the 60’s. He developed his first resort hotel in 1986 and has expanded to include a winery and vineyard in the Santa Ynez Valley. Then onto the motel in Simi Valley, we decided to have a little pool party with plenty of pizza, beer and a few Margarita’s.

Jims PC Trip Day 20 066


The next several pictures are of the Town of Solvang, founded in 1911.





Jims PC Trip Day 20 068







Jims PC Trip Day 20 067







Jims PC Trip Day 20 074







Jims PC Trip Day 20 073







Jims PC Trip Day 20 075







Jims PC Trip Day 20 076


Penny and Joan enjoying a little shopping.





Jims PC Trip Day 20 077







Jims PC Trip Day 20 079


The guys were left patiently waiting at the hotel.





Jims PC Trip Day 20 080


Our motel at the Wine Valley Inn.






PC Trip Day 20 003


The Santa Barbara Mission the 10th of 21 built in 1786.





PC Trip Day 20 006


The next several pictures are of the mission.





PC Trip Day 20 012







PC Trip Day 20 015







PC Trip Day 20 027







PC Trip Day 20 034







PC Trip Day 20 040







PC Trip Day 20 046


A group of grade schoolers on a field trip.





PC Trip Day 20 047


Santa Babara





PC Trip Day 20 048







PC Trip Day 20 049


The only original Sambo’s restaurant.





PC Trip Day 20 053







PC Trip Day 20 054


Beach stop in Santa Barbara.





PC Trip Day 20 056


You can see the oil wells off the coast. We counted 7 of them.





PC Trip Day 20 061



Bob and Joanie.




PC Trip Day 20 062


Kathy and Roy.





PC Trip Day 20 069


 Let the party begin.

I know it doesn’t look very exciting now, but we got real wild later on.



That’s all for Wednesday, we put on 124 miles today.


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