PC Trip Day 21 Solvang – Costa Mesa Thurs 10/1


Hi friends and family,

Today is Thursday and we started a once again beautiful day by going to the Reagan Presidential Library and final resting place of Ronald Reagan, located in Simi Valley. It is the largerst of the 12 federally funded Presidential Libraries. dedicated in 1991 and attended for the first time in US history by 5 US Presidents and 6 First Ladies. Can you name them?

In the afternoon we took a trip down memory lane by driving onto the Santa Monica Pier. For those that followed our Route 66 trip this brought back a hoard of great memories. It was here that our Route 66 trip ended.  A special “hi” to our fellow 66’ers that couldn’t make this trip , Dennis and Cindy, Jan and Joe and John and Mary Carol.

Jims PC Trip Day 21 (1)


 Reagan Presidential Library





PC Trip Day 21 001


Next several pictures.





PC Trip Day 21 008


The “Gipper”








PC Trip Day 21 009







PC Trip Day 21 010



We’re all intently listening to our tour guide.




PC Trip Day 21 020







PC Trip Day 21 029

During its 28 years of service, Air Force One 27000 carried more presidents to more countries on more missions than any other aircraft in history.

The last Boeing 707 to see presidential service, 27000 was the scene of the transfer of power from President Richard Nixon to President Gerald Ford. In 1987, the craft took President Reagan to West Berlin, where he called for an end to the Cold War, famously demanding Soviet President Mikhail Gorbachev “tear down this wall.”


PC Trip Day 21 037


Our tour guide was very informative, we were able to see alot in a relatively short time.





PC Trip Day 21 048


An exact duplication of the oval office from President Reagan’s years in office.





PC Trip Day 21 053







PC Trip Day 21 054







PC Trip Day 21 057


President Reagans’ final resting place. He wanted to be placed with his head towards the wall to that he would be facing the beautiful Simi Valley.




PC Trip Day 21 058


Here’s what he’s facing, the Simi valley.





PC Trip Day 21 065


Uh oh! They heard we were in town.





PC Trip Day 21 070


Here’s Paul, contemplating something. Doug could probably pen a catchy tag for this photo.





PC Trip Day 21 073


On the way to Santa Monica, they don’t waste any space in this part of the country.





PC Trip Day 21 077 (Medium)


Arriving at the pier, we were last here on April 22, 2008





PC Trip Day 21 078



Driving onto the pier.




PC Trip Day 21 080


Great day to be on the beach.





PC Trip Day 21 085



Back on the pier for the 2nd time.




PC Trip Day 21 087 (Medium)



Jeff, Jerry, Roy, Kathy and Jim. We had the end of the Route 66 trip dinner at Bubba Gumps.




PC Trip Day 21 094


We’re having a great time.





PC Trip Day 21 091


Jeff and Penny enjoying themselves.





PC Trip Day 21 095







PC Trip Day 21 096


Bob trying to get the group rounded up, we have more places to go and things to see.





PC Trip Day 21 098 (Medium)



Here we go, Bob’s in the lead then Paul, Gerry, Roy, Jeff and we’re bringing up the rear.




Jims PC Trip Day 21 (86)


Dinner time, Doug is intently listening to his buddy Paul.





Tomorrow is our last official day, can we make it down to the border tomorrow?


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