PC Trip Ocean Shores to Astoria, Or Sun 9/20

September 23rd, 2009 by Judy


Today our drive took us to Gray’s Harbor National Wildlife refuge. Also located in Gray’s bay is a working 18th centure shipyard with replica Tall Ships, the “Lady Washington” sailed by Gray whe he discovered Grays Harbor and the Columbia River in 1783. You could go on board as a working sailor for 3 hours around the harbor. The crew dressed in period costumes, we didn’t have the time so we stayed land lubbers. We then stopped at the Westport Marina in Grays Bay, watched the last of the fishing boats bring in their catch of the day. I found a local fish market that had the best smoked salmon ever and that prompted lunch at the One eyed Crab. They had great bread bowl clam chowder and crab rolls. I’d go back just for the food. Personally, I’ve been taking advantage of eating fish at every meal, can’t do that back home. Next stop was Cape Disappointment State Park, Lewis and Clark landed here in the winter of 1805. In the park are 2 lighthouses and the Lewis and Clark Interpretive Center. Then headed down to Long Beach where we drove on the beach, spent the night in Astoria, Oregon.

Jim's Camera PC Trip day 10 051


Grays Harbor Historical Seaport.





Jim's Camera PC Trip day 10 054









Jim's Camera PC Trip day 10 056


The land lubbers.





Jim's Camera PC Trip day 10 068


Westport Marina, Grays Harbor, Wa.





PC Trip day 10 (14)


We’re giving them rave reviews.





Jim's Camera PC Trip day 10 069



Great lunch, Bob, Joanie, Paul, Lisa, Jeff, Penny and Judy.



PC Trip day 10 (17)


Crab pots on the dock.





Jim's Camera PC Trip day 10 072


A little rest before we move on. Penny, Jerry and Paul.




Jim's Camera PC Trip day 10 085


Great view from Cape disappointment.





PC Trip day 10 (30)


Cape Disappointment lighthouse. Built between 1852 and 1856. The oldest lighthouse still operating on the West coast.



PC Trip day 10 (46)


North Head Lighthouse was built in 1898.





Jim's Camera PC Trip day 10 088


North Head lighthouse keepers cottage.





PC Trip day 10 (58)


Long Beach Washington, the worlds longest beach at 28 miles.




PC Trip day 10 (62)


Our ’65.





PC Trip day 10 (65)


Photo op on Long Beach.

8 mid-year Stingrays.




PC Trip day 10 (84)


Crossing the Columbia River into Oregon.





Great day, wonderful weather. Happy trails everyone.


PC Trip Astoria OR to Newport OR Mon 9/21

September 24th, 2009 by Judy


First of all thanks to everyone for their positive comments, it helps me to keep this thing going. Also, a helpful hint, if you’ve missed a post just click on a day under Recent Posts or the calendar highlights the days that I entered a post not necessarily that date of our trip. If you’re following along, the location page has a GPS tracking system, click on the Maps button then select “hybrid” it will bring up the satellite feed,

Monday was a beautiful day, we started out riding along the coastline, every vista was awesome I’ve attached a few pics. Then we headed off of 101 to McMinniville to the Evergreen Air Museum. This is the home of Howard Hughes “Spruce Goose“.  We had a special treat in store for us at the museum, not only did they have a special place for us to park but they went out of their way to make sure we had the ultimate experience. They invited our cars into the museum for photos, the guys thought this was the coolest thing. The museum trip took several hours so after we were finished we headed for Newport, Oregon to spend the night. The temp was extrememly warm, in the 90’s by far our warmest day. Miles driven 237.

PC Trip day 11 018


The Oregon Coastline, next several pictures.





PC Trip day 11 005







PC Trip day 11 014







PC Trip day 11 016


You can still see the morning fog. I understand from Bob and Joanie that this is a rare sight, usually the coastline is enshrouded in fog for most of the morning.


PC Trip day 11 022


We’re having a great time.





PC Trip day 11 045


This was the view as we entered the property. Besides Jeff and Penny’s gorgeous 63, you can see the nose and the wing span of the Spruce Goose inside the building.


PC Trip day 11 050


Evergreen is a privately owned museum, owned by the father of Michael King Smith deceased.




PC Trip day 11 055


We had a personal tour guide who was an excellent speaker and story teller.




PC Trip day 11 054


You’re looking at the famous Spruce Goose, moved here from Long Beach CA.




PC Trip day 11 064


For those of you that like the history behind the Goose.




PC Trip day 11 065







Jims pics PC Trip day 11 014


Took time for a little lunch.

From the left, Joanie, Bob, Gerry and Lisa are not visible,  Judy, Penny, Jeff,Jerry and Tom.



Jims pics PC Trip day 11 035


Time out. Kathy, Roy and Jerry.





PC Trip day 11 080



Bob, Joan and their ’67 Yellow Coupe.




PC Trip day 11 086




Gerry, Lisa and their ’66 Red Roadster.



PC Trip day 11 088



Tom, Jerry and Jerry’s ’66 Maroon roadster.




PC Trip day 11 083



Paul and his ’63 Red Roadster.




PC Trip day 11 093



Jim, Judy and our ’65 Maroon Roadster.




PC Trip day 11 103




Doug, Mary and their Blue ’65 Roadster.



PC Trip day 11 098




Roy, Kathy and their ’67 Red Coupe



PC Trip day 11 101


Jeff, Penny and their ’63 Silver Coupe





PC Trip day 11 126



Lots of pictures were taken of these babies.




We had a great day.


PC Trip Newport OR to Bandon OR Tues 9/22

September 25th, 2009 by Judy


Tuesday we left Newport for Bandon, Oregon a trip of about 121 miles.  You might ask what we do all day because 121 miles should take us only 2 and a half  hours yet we’re on the road for about 10 hours a day. Well, we start the day at 8:30, Bob and Joan have come up with an itinerary with many points of interest and possible stops along the way. Today our first stop was the rugged coastline at Cape Perpetua, we stopped at the Siuslaw National forest visitor center and then hit the “Trail of the Whispering Spruce” to a gorgeous vista poing over looking where you can view 150 miles of the Oregon Coast. Back down the trail and under the highway to the tide pools and rock formations; Spouting Horn and Devils Churn, beautiful hikes. This trip took awhile, remember we have 15 people. Next up was the Heceta Head Lighthouse, the most photographed in the U.S.

We were going to go to the Sea Lion Caves but we stopped at a point further down the road to get a better shot of the Lighthouse when to our luck the sea lions were right below us. Another tourist commented that the sea lions were not in the cave today, we saved ouselves $11 apiece. PC Trip day 12 001


Isn’t this gorgeous, we made a photo stop.





PC Trip day 12 007



The next view of the coast is foggy, this happens alot, one spot we have sun another fog.



PC Trip day 12 012


We made it to the top.

From the left, Mary, Doug, Tom, Jerry, Gerry, Lisa, Judy, Jim, Joanie, Kathy, Roy and Paul. Bob was manning the cameras.


PC Trip day 12 021


Jim’s climbing trees again. Don’t know what he’s looking for, Lewis and Clark have already discovered the mouth of the Columbia River.



PC Trip day 12 031


At the bottom of our hike back down we were rewarded with this view.




PC Trip day 12 037


After making my way through the lava rock and closer to the water I thought I found a treasure.



PC Trip day 12 044


Until Lisa pointed out the sea anemones –




PC Trip day 12 050



and this star fish.




PC Trip day 12 048


and then she picked up this hermit crab, I guess I need more practice.




Jims pics PC Trip day 12 031


Here’s Bob a little to close the Spouting Horn, he was only a “little” wet.




Jims pics PC Trip day 12 040



Time to take 5.




PC Trip day 12 056


Heceta Head Lighthouse. Built in 1894, 205 feet above the ocean. The keepers house is now a B & B.






PC Trip day 12 063



Heceta Head Lighthouse.




PC Trip day 12 073


Sea Lions getting a little sun.





PC Trip day 12 075


Frolicking in the waters below.





PC Trip day 12 083


Lunch time, how did we ever come across this, reminiscent of our route 66 trip last year.




Jims pics PC Trip day 12 049



This is a real car, they turned the front seat around and added a table. There were several others.


Jims pics PC Trip day 12 050


They could have used an old Limo for larger groups.




Jims pics PC Trip day 12 067


Oregon Dunes in Reedsport.





PC Trip day 12 088



Gerry and Jim trying to sand surf.




PC Trip day 12 092


Honeymoon State Park, you have the ocean then the dunes then a fresh water lake. Fun for all.



Jims pics PC Trip day 12 072


Umpqua Lighthouse identical to the Heceta Head lighthouse and also built in 1894.



PC Trip day 12 093


Oh, oh, Doug’s car is having a problem. Jim fixed the pressure switch thingy.




We got to our motel, went out to dinner and then it was 9:oo and that’s why we only go 121 miles a day. Thanks for watching and happy trails.


PC Trip Bandon OR to Crescent City CA Wed 9/23

September 27th, 2009 by Judy


Hi everyone,

Sorry, I’m another day behind due to no Internet connection at our motel. It’s hard to remember back 3 days as today is really Saturday.

We woke up to a thick fog Wed. morning in Bandon, Oregon and it was cold. Our room overlooked the harbor and old town, wish we had more time to look around. We left at 9:00, not much to see in the fog, we found Dinosaur Park and stopped for a photo op. Unfortuantely the fog stayed with us all the way to Crescent City. Since we arrived so early we took the opportunity to head to the laundromat to do some much needed washing. Around 3 or so the fog cleared up and we were able to get some sightseeing in. We met Bob’s sister and brother in-law for a drive through the Redwood Forest.

PC Trip Day 13


Even with the fog this scene has an eerie beauty.




PC Trip Day 13 (5)


Coastline was like this all the way to Crescent City.





PC Trip Day 13 (9)



Stop along the highway.




PC Trip Day 13 (15)


Dinosaur Park





 PC Trip Day 13 (18)


Jim’s on top of the rock, getting a better view.




Jims pics PC Trip Day 13 (4)

Here’s a good shot of all of us. The top maroon car belongs to Jerry, Doug and Mary have the blue car, Jeff and Penny the silver car, then us, Gerry and Lisa is the red with convertible top, Bob and Joanie’s is yellow, Pauls is the red convertible, Roy and Kathy have the red PC Trip Day 13 (23)coupe.


This is a beautiful drive through the redwoods.




PC Trip Day 13 (27)


This is the original dirt stagecoach route.





PC Trip Day 13 (34)


About 5 minustes into the drive Jeff’s clutch went out. Believe it or not the guys got him turned around and pointed in the right direction. Back in town a local weld shop fixed him up and they were able to rejoin us.

PC Trip Day 13 (37)


These giants make us feel small and insignificant.





PC Trip Day 13 (41)







PC Trip Day 13 (48)


The picture tells the story.





PC Trip Day 13 (50)


No Gerry, you can’t climb this tree. I think he’s looking for Jim.




PC Trip Day 13 (51)


Doug, Tom, Roy, Jim, Paul, Kathy, Mary, Lisa, Judy, Gerry and Jerry.




PC Trip Day 13 (55)


Marty and Len our gracious hosts for the tour.




PC Trip Day 13 (75)


The fog cleared in the late afternoon. This is Battery Point Lighthouse built in 1856.




PC Trip Day 13 (87)


Battery Point Lighthouse.





Jims pics PC Trip Day 13 (37)


Gerry, Penny, Jeff, Lisa, Tom and Bob at the lighthouse.




PC Trip Day 13 (97)


View from the restaurant, you can see the lighthouse and also the sea lions on the dock.




PC Trip Day 13 (103)


Doug and friends.





Well, the day turned out very pleasant, the Redwoods were amazing, the drive beautiful and dinner was very good.


PC Trip Crescent City to Garberville CA Thurs 9/24

September 28th, 2009 by Judy


We left the Lighthouse Inn in Crescent City at 9:00, the day was foggy and cool. Today we’ll be driving through the Redwood forests and along the Avenue of the Giants. We drove through one of the giant Redwoods, stopped along the Klamath river where in 1964 torrential rains at Christmas time melted the snow pack  in the mountains. Swollen creeks and rivers sent logs and debris racing towards the ocean wiping out roads, livestock and structures including the town of Klamath.
We stopped to hike through the redwoods then back down to the coast where we lunched in Trinidad. Ferndale was our next stop, it’s a cute Victorian town 10 miles off of 101. We put on 154 miles today.

PC Trip Day 14 Crescent City to Garberville CA (9)


The Drive thru tree in Klamath. Not much room on each side.




PC Trip Day 14 Crescent City to Garberville CA (4)


Joan, Mary Judy, Kathy, Penny and Lisa.





PC Trip Day 14 Crescent City to Garberville CA (7)


The gang, Lisa, Joan, Kathey, Gerry, Roy, Doug, Penny, Paul, Jeff, Bob, Mary, Judy, Jim, missing are Jerry and Tom.



PC Trip Day 14 Crescent City to Garberville CA (3)


Lower radiator hose was leaking, needed a new clamp.




PC Trip Day 14 Crescent City to Garberville CA (11)

The potty line, Joanie, Lisa, Kathy and Penny.

The outhouse is a hollowed out tree trunk. Would you believe it has a flush toilet and running water?



Jims pics PC Trip Day 14 (9)


Can’t you just picture this slab of salmon cooking on the grill. The fisherman is from the reservation and usually catches 8 per day.



PC Trip Day 14 Crescent City to Garberville CA (16)


The Douglas Memorial bridge built in 1924 and was swept away in 1964 by flood waters. Paul is snapping a pic.



Jims pics PC Trip Day 14 (11)


Stopped for pictures of the giant redwoods.





PC Trip Day 14 Crescent City to Garberville CA (27)


There he goes again, can’t keep him out of the trees.





PC Trip Day 14 Crescent City to Garberville CA (30)


Here comes Penny and Lisa out of that same tree, what’s in there that’s so interesting?




PC Trip Day 14 Crescent City to Garberville CA (41)


That’s weird, what do jerry and Tom see?





PC Trip Day 14 Crescent City to Garberville CA (45)


Here’s Gerry, one of Jim’s tree climbing students.







PC Trip Day 14 Crescent City to Garberville CA (36)


These redwoods are awesome.







PC Trip Day 14 Crescent City to Garberville CA (42)



Tom and Jim among the giant redwoods.




PC Trip Day 14 Crescent City to Garberville CA (54)


Found this field full of elk.





PC Trip Day 14 Crescent City to Garberville CA (50)


This big guy is supposed to be watching over his herd.




PC Trip Day 14 Crescent City to Garberville CA (57)


The elk that we’re watching are oblivious to our being there.




PC Trip Day 14 Crescent City to Garberville CA (59)


You can see the fog blowing in from the ocean, it’s really eerie.

That’s Dougs blue roadster.



PC Trip Day 14 Crescent City to Garberville CA (63)




Lunch stop in Trinidad at the Seascape restaurant, opened by the Hallmark family 35 years ago. Great place to eat.

PC Trip Day 14 Crescent City to Garberville CA (65)


View of the Trinidad harbor.





PC Trip Day 14 Crescent City to Garberville CA (74)


We stopped in the Victorian village of Ferndale. The entire town is a historical landmark built during the 1880’s.



PC Trip Day 14 Crescent City to Garberville CA (75)


Another view of Ferndale.





PC Trip Day 14 Crescent City to Garberville CA (84)



This is the historic Gingerbread Mansion now a B & B.




PC Trip Day 14 Crescent City to Garberville CA (86)


Beautifully well kept homes and gardens in Historic Ferndale.




We had a very nice day, fog in the morning clearing away to afternoon sun. Hwy 101 moves away from the coastline  just north of Fortuna, we ended the day in Garberville elevation at 479′.


PC Trip Day 15 Garberville to Ukiah Fri 9/25

September 30th, 2009 by Judy


We’re on day 15 of this great trip. Friday morning we had our wheels rolling by 9:00, the day started foggy then cleared up 20 min. into our day. We ventured inland a ways today so the temps shot up from 60 to 100 in about 15 minutes. We drove along the southern end of the redwoods to Mendocino and somehow the local radio station found out we were in town and announced our arrival. All kinds of people stopped to look at the cars and talk with the guys. Us girls hit the shops but again we were limited for time, we were able to make a few purchases. Most of the town of Mendocino was added to the National Register of Historic Places. We left Mendocino after lunch and headed inland to the Roederer Champagne Estate in Philo for a tasting session. They specialize in Champagnes or sparkling wines. Next we stopped in Hopland at the Brutacao Cellars for dinner with Joanie’s brother Len and wife Marty. They have built up quite an empire with the winery, restaurant and a construction business. We thoroughly enjoyed ourselves today.

Jims pics PC Trip Day 15



A map of the
Avenue of the Giants, this was a beautiful drive well worth the trip.



PC Trip Day 15 001


Leaving Garberville.





PC Trip Day 15 010


The town of Mendocino, lots of great little shops and restaurants. They also have a wonderful farmers market.



PC Trip Day 15 012


One of the historic buildings.





PC Trip Day 15 014


One of many very pretty window boxes.





PC Trip Day 15 015



Looks like a good place to stay.




PC Trip Day 15 016


Another historic building in Mendocino. I wish I would have snapped a picture of the farmers market it was really fun.



PC Trip Day 15 017



They make the greatest champagne.




PC Trip Day 15 023


The tasting room.





PC Trip Day 15 024


While most of us tasted Paul took this time to reflect on the trip from behind his eyelids.




PC Trip Day 15 027


The grape fields are part of the Roederer estate.





PC Trip Day 15 026



This Copperhead was something to watch out for, aren’t these poisonous?



Jims pics PC Trip Day 15 (9)


Dinner at the Brutacao Winery with Joanie’s brother Len and wife Marty. Kenny, the abolone diver, chef and bus driver presented us with the best Abalone appetizers.


Jims pics PC Trip Day 15 (12)



Joanie, Len, Marty and Bob. Len loved having us all there, they were very gracious hosts. tomorrow we’re getting a very personalized tour of their operation.

Another great day was had by all.


PC Trip Day 16 Ukiah to Mill Valley Sat 9/25

September 30th, 2009 by Judy


Hi everyone

Today we spent most of the day at the Brutocao Winery in Hopland. We were given an in depth tour of the vineyards so you wine lovers will appreciate this. They have over 600 acres of grapes and there are special grapes for the Chardonney, Pinot Noir, Cabernets, Zinfandels, Merlot and many other varieties. It was so informative, we went into the fields and tasted the grapes fresh off the vine, it’s harvest time for many varieties so they tasted wonderful. We actually watched the harvesting, some by hand and some grown special for machine harvesting. We watched the crushing process and then the pressing  and no we didn’t hop in the vats and crush by foot, however, it was discussed that the women should jump right in. They weren’t bottling but we tasted wine right out of the barrels in various stages of doneness. I’m not a wine connoisseur so the terms of wine making went right over my head. Standing in the 115 degree heat was not pleasant but we were treated to wine, cheese and crackers right in the vineyard in their new wedding area. Our bus driver/chef/tour guide new his stuff. After a wonderful lunch at the winery restaurant we headed back down Hwy 1 and 101 back down the coast to Mill Valley.

PC Trip Day 16 001


At the restaurant, Jerry, Bob, Len (the restaurant owner, Jeff and Penny.




PC Trip Day 16 011


The grape fields, set up for machine picking.





PC Trip Day 16 008



Grapes on the vine.




PC Trip Day 16 010


Aren’t these beauties, so plump and flavorful.





PC Trip Day 16 014



Off the bus and intently listening to our tour guide Len and Kenny, son Steven is there somewhere.


PC Trip Day 16 016


Penny and Lisa trying the grapes.





PC Trip Day 16 017



Jim joins in, he’s eating it like corn on the cob. there’s nothing neat about it.



PC Trip Day 16 019


Here’s the green variety, these are being harvested as I write this.




PC Trip Day 16 022


The workers fill up totes and then load them into the trailer. They get paid by the tote so they’re really fast.



PC Trip Day 16 028


One of the workers, they use a special knife to cut each bunch, the grapes drop into the totes.




PC Trip Day 16 035


These grapes will be used for the Cabernet’s. All the plants have a drip watering system.




PC Trip Day 16 039


Time for a break, this is where they hold the weddings and receptions.




PC Trip Day 16 040


Mary, Paul, Jerry, Len and Joan.





PC Trip Day 16 043


Their new grape harvester. It picks and de-stems.




PC Trip Day 16 055


We did a little tasting right out of the barrel.

Bob’s just a blurr, Penny, Joan, Steven (Joans  nephew), Kathy and Jim.



PC Trip Day 16 060



The grape crushing process lead by another son David on the left and Hoss on the platform. Hoss is the “chemist” and expert wine maker.


PC Trip Day 16 063


The crushed grapes, stems come out the back and are recycled back into the fields.




PC Trip Day 16 069



They’re pumped into the pressing tank, they use a bladder system to gently press the grapes.



PC Trip Day 16 070


They do some bottling for the Andretti Winery using Brutacao grapes.





PC Trip Day 16 072


The bottling machine.





I learned more about wine making than I ever thought. I’m still partial to the sweeter wines. We had a great lunch that lasted for most of the afternoon so we headed right to Mill Valley and our motel for the night. We did about 101 miles of driving today. Tomorrow we’ll be going into San Francisco.


PC Trip Day 17 Mill Valley to Monterey Sun 9/27

October 1st, 2009 by Judy


Hi again,

This is my second post for the night, please see below for Day 16.

Today is San Francisco Day, it’s cool but sunny today and relatively clear for San Francisco. We’re heading across the Golden Gate Bridge and thought it would be a good idea for some of us passengers to get out and walk across the bridge taking pictures of the cars as they crossed. Well it didn’t turn out like we had hoped, way to much traffic for a Sunday morning, but we did get a few good shots. It was a great walk though, there were ealy morning joggers running across, down in the bay there was a group of swimmers crossing under the bridge being followed by a contingent of kayakers. The next stop was Lombard street, it’s always fun driving down that winding road. Onto Pier 39 for a qick lunch of breadbowl chowder at Boudins famous for their original sourdough bread. then it was off to Alcatraz for a tour. We left San Fran down Hwy 1 through Pacifica and then down the coast to Monterey. What a beautiful drive.

PC Trip Day 17 038


Here we are planning our bridge crossing stratedgy. Us walkers departed from this spot.




PC Trip Day 17 041


Lisa and Tom, Kathy and Joan are in the background.




PC Trip Day 17 045


Way above the bridge on the overlook, the guys await our signal to head down and across the bridge.



PC Trip Day 17 050


I had time to stop and look over the rail, got his shot of one of the swimmers and a companion kayaker.



PC Trip Day 18 338


Here comes Bob’s car with Doug close behind.





PC Trip Day 17 058


Jim and Jerry were not far behind but not as close together as I would have liked.




PC Trip Day 17 052


Paul and Gerry.





PC Trip Day 17 054







PC Trip Day 17 059


Jerry and Jeff bringing up the rear.





PC Trip Day 17 069


I couldn’t help myself, this shot was taken as I walked off the bridge to the viewing area on the south end.



PC Trip Day 17 072

Here’s the guys waiting for us. They entertained a group of French students while waiting. Their tour leader said ” these kids have been to the Grand Canyon and  Yellowstone but they were more excited to see these Corvettes than any of the natural wonders they’ve seen along the way.”

PC Trip Day 17 093


On to Lombard street, Paul sure looks happy.





PC Trip Day 17 095


Gerry and Lisa are next.





PC Trip Day 17 097


Doug and Mary





PC Trip Day 17 099


Jeff and Penny





PC Trip Day 17 100


Roy and Kathy





PC Trip Day 17 101



Jerry and Tom




PC Trip Day 17 108


Bob and Joan





PC Trip Day 17 111



And finally Jim.




PC Trip Day 17 115


A busy Pier 39.





PC Trip Day 17 117


Clam Chowder Bread Bowl for Boudins on Pier 39. My personal favorite whenever I’m in San Francisco.



PC Trip Day 17 131


On the ferry to Alcatraz.





PC Trip Day 17 141



Alcatraz Federal Pen.




PC Trip Day 17 161


I heard they were making this into a B & B.





PC Trip Day 17 180


It was such a great day the harbor was like 494 at rush hour. Doesn’t this look like fun?




PC Trip Day 17 195


Heading out of the city.





PC Trip Day 17 201


As I was snapping this shot of the house, that guy was yelling that he’s the one that should be taking the picture.



PC Trip Day 17 204


Here’s my last shot, surfers in Pacifica.





jims PC Trip Day 18 021


Dinner in Monterey.

Kathy, Roy, Doug Mary and Paul.




jims PC Trip Day 18 022


Jerry, Penny, Tom, Lou and Jeff.





jims PC Trip Day 18 023


Bob, Joanie, Lisa, Gerry and Judy.





jims PC Trip Day 18 024



Lisa has her bib on, a serious crab leg eater.




jims PC Trip Day 18 027


The Fish Hopper in Monterey. Here’s the gang once again well fed. Doug, Bob, Gerry, Jerry, Lou, Joan, Paul, Mary, Penny, Judy, Jeff, Kathy, Roy, Tom and Jim in front.


We had a great time today, put on 110 miles and we landed in Monterey. tomorrow is the 17 mile drive through Pebble Beach.


PC Trip Day 18 Monterey-San Simeon Mon 9/28

October 2nd, 2009 by Judy



We awoke in Monterey to a foggy mist and cool temps on Monday morning. We took a quick drive through Monterey and then headed south on Hwy 1 to take the 17 mile drive through Pebble Beach and then on to Carmel where we stopped for lunch and a walking tour. After lunch we headed south through some of the most spectacular scenery on the west coast in Big Sur and then on to San Simeon. Unfortunately it remained cloudy all day.

PC Trip Day 18 (2)


The streets of Monterey.





PC Trip Day 18 (4)



More of Monterey.




PC Trip Day 18 (12)



One of many black tailed deer wandering around.




PC Trip Day 18 (18)


Nice view of the coastline.





PC Trip Day 18 (24)


This big guy was hiding in the weeds.





PC Trip Day 18 (35)


This is one of California’s most enduring landmarks. The Lone Cypress has perched on this rocky ledge for over 250 years.



PC Trip Day 18 (37)


Pebble Beach.





PC Trip Day 18 (40)



The view from the Lodge at Pebble Beach.




PC Trip Day 18 (48)


Paul, Jeff, Joan and Bob in the Lodge at Pebble Beach.




PC Trip Day 18 (54)


The grounds at Pebble beach. 


PC Trip Day 18 (58)


Discussing golf tips.





jims PC Trip Day 18 041


 The lodge at Pebble Beach was built in 1919 and the golf course is home to many golf tournaments. I walked on the same turf as Tiger Woods.


jims PC Trip Day 18 042


Jeff and Penny from Arkansas, enjoying themselves.




PC Trip Day 18 (61)



We drove to Carmel, pretty town right next door.



PC Trip Day 18 (69)


More of Carmel.







PC Trip Day 18 (64)



More Carmel.




PC Trip Day 18 (70)


The whole town was gorgeous. Lots of flowers.




PC Trip Day 18 (72)


Penny on the beach, a little cold for swimming.





PC Trip Day 18 (80)


Rocky Creek Bridge built in 1932. There is another twin bridge Bixby Creek Bridge also built in 1932 just down the road.



PC Trip Day 18 (87)


The car is still in geat shape.





PC Trip Day 18 (89)




We watched to fog roll in from the ocean.



PC Trip Day 18 (100)



At the Bixby Bridge, Kathy, Roy, Lisa and Gerry.



PC Trip Day 18 (125)


Here’s mom and dad kids, we’re having a ball.





PC Trip Day 18 (151)


Back on the road to the next adventure. The green 67 joined us for a few days, Lou was traveling alone.



We put on 133 miles today.


PC Trip Day 19 San Simeon-Solvang Tues 9/29

October 3rd, 2009 by Judy


Hi from sunny California

Today we went to the Hearst Castle, the pictures will tell the story. There are 4 different tours available of which we took one. I’ve never seen anything like this so I’ll give you a quick overview. Built between 1919-1947 for William Randolph Hearst the newpaper mogul. He passed away in 1951 and the Hearst Foundation donated the property to the State of California. It is now a National Historic Landmark. There are 56 bedrooms, 61 baths and 127 acres of gardens an indoor and outdoor swimming pool, tennis courts, movie theater, air field and for 10 years its own zoo. This is a place we would go back to for one of the other tours.

After the tour we went to Cambia for a late lunch and then on to Solvang, a cute Danish town.

PC Trip Day 19



This is the view from our motel last night in San Simeon, right on the beach. They have bonfires everynight.


PC Trip Day 19 (1)


This is Russ and Connie, they joined us yesterday and are going back home today. Really nice people, wish they could have stayed longer.


PC Trip Day 19 (2)


Hearst Castle




PC Trip Day 19 (5)


We sat through a short preview movie before the tour. Bob, Joanie, Judy, Jim, Lisa, Gerry, Kathy, Roy, Penny, Jeff, Jerry, Tom, Doug and Paul is taking the picture.


PC Trip Day 19 (9)


Hearst had told his architect he wanted a small bungalow to replace the tent he and his family had been staying in.



PC Trip Day 19 (13)



I think this was supposed to replicate the Parthenon, he loved the architecture he saw in his travels to Europe.


PC Trip Day 19 (18)


The outdoor pool, is still used by the park staff and special events about 4 times per year.




PC Trip Day 19 (23)



The gardens were beautiful.




PC Trip Day 19 (30)



One of the bathrooms in the guest house. Our tour did not include the upper floors of the main house.



PC Trip Day 19 (34)


One of the guest bedrooms.





PC Trip Day 19 (40)



Back outside for another great view. Jeff, Doug and Paul – I think they’re trying to get Doug’s camera to work.





PC Trip Day 19 (42)


These statues are 4000 years old, he acquired them during the war from art dealers in war torn Europe for very little cost. There’s a whole story behind how he was able to get so much valuable artwork.





PC Trip Day 19 (46)



Enjoying the views. Roy, Kathy, Bob, Joan, Jeff and Penny.



PC Trip Day 19 (51)


Another view of the castle.





PC Trip Day 19 (62)


The main dining room.





PC Trip Day 19 (78)


The indoor pool.





PC Trip Day 19 (83)


The town of Cambria.





PC Trip Day 19 (87)







PC Trip Day 19 (88)


Lunch, I think we’re eating our way down the coast.




PC Trip Day 19 (92)



On our way to Solvang.




We had a great day, didn’t see everything on our itinerary. We put on 120 miles today.